Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Dermatology

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Dr Evanthia Frangos

Dr Evanthia Frangos

"This is a valuable, enjoyable and interactive course with supportive teachers. I have no hesitation in recommending it!"

Dr Buong Chieng

"I find the course interesting and it has definitely improved my knowledge in Dermatology immensely. It is hard work but definitely worth the effort! All the staff involved are enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable."

Flavia Aslanian

I owe to you a huge "thank you" after my experience of attending the Postgraduate Course in Clinical Dermatology at Queen Mary, University of London. The content of the Course was very broad and rich, the teachers are highly skilled doctors, and the clinical days were very interactive, with an outstanding selection of cases, aiming to cover the main areas of Dermatology. Additionally, your management was very attentive and considerate all the time, and I was very grateful when accepted for the course.

I strongly recommend this Course to any doctor who is interested in gain knowledge in the fields of Dermatology, going deeper into the excellent material that is offered, including the best recent articles in each subject, great summaries, lectures and videos, in the main areas of Dermatology. It has helped me to think about wonderful solutions to a few cases of skin diseases.

I am dedicating this testimonial to you as a token of my gratitude, and I am very pleased to have this opportunity to recommend this Course to other "lucky" doctors like me.

Dr Fiona Emerson

I found the Diploma in Clinical Dermatology to be an enjoyable and informative course run by an enthusiastic and helpful team. The learning was flexible with weekly online modules and fun clinical days that were very interesting, seeing skin conditions I had never seen before, despite over 20 years in medicine. Most importantly, I found passing my Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Dermatology has improved my clinical skills and enabled me to expand my career by becoming a GPSI in Dermatology.

Dr Kayvan Bidad

A fun course to learn more about Dermatology.  It certainly gives you confidence to deal with cases better. Well planned programme with best lecturers and good team of course organisers.

Dr Raed Masoud

Wonderful 9 months. extremely relevant to primary care., teachers are excellent, clinical days are the best.

Dr Racquel Quema

I am a Family Medicine physician with a special interest in dermatology, a challenge due to limited dermatology training in primary care residencies.

I decided to apply to Queen Mary due to its excellent ranking in quality of education and the incredible flexibility of learning deliveries offered. The part-time programme allowed me to study while working and enabled me to apply new knowledge learned from class to my clinical cases immediately.

I am now in the midst of starting a primary care dermatology clinic for the underserved in Los Angeles county, with funding from a private corporation grant. I will be consulting with the county dermatologist through teledermatology while at the same time improving dermatology care at the primary care level.

My training with Queen Mary University has opened this unique opportunity and I am deeply grateful to the faculty for all their guidance. 

Dr H Darrat

(student 2010-2011, pass with merit)

The Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Dermatology course for International students was both hard work and fun. I particularly enjoyed the monthly tutorials which have given me more confidence in analyzing and approaching difficult cases in dermatology. I would strongly recommend this postgraduate diploma and I would like to express my deep and extreme gratefulness to all the people involved in this course.

Dr Kehkeshan Farid - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

I recently passed my exam for Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Dermatology from QMUL and if I could do it all over again, I would! The experience was wonderful, the nine months just flew by and if I may say for myself, the medic and student in me were reborn.

I loved the flexibility of it all. The teachers were lovely and cooperative, always available through email for any queries or discussions. The lectures were stimulating, focussing on the diagnosis and management with the aid of numerous images and videos, which I could refer to again and again online. The regular assignments were something I looked greatly forward to. I enjoyed revising a topic, attempting the related test then promptly getting graded for it. The best bit was: I did it all from home.

I deem myself fortunate to have been accepted in the programme. Queen Mary, University of London is a world- renowned institution. It will always be a matter of great esteem and pride for me or any future students to be associated with it and its accomplished faculty.

Dr Mohammed AL- Zobaidy

If you want to learn but you do not like to be taught, then study by distance learning. This mode of study, in addition to the very well organised course content and course objectives made me recognise that the Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Dermatology at Queen Mary University London is a wonderful course to do. Without any doubt I feel like a more knowledgeable, skilled and confident doctor and would strongly recommend the course for doctors who are interested in dermatology.

Dr Razia B. Daureeawo - Mauritius

The Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Dermatology was a very rewarding, enriching and enjoyable experience. I really appreciated the ongoing support and felt that I was going through the course as part of a team. The Diploma is packed with pertinent clinical information delivered interactively through weekly questions and tutorials by highly qualified and talented tutors. The course not only covers salient topics in clinical dermatology, but much more. I can confidently say that it has helped me to develop a different approach to diagnosing skin conditions clinically, which is of great assistance in practice. Also, the course is designed to allow a sound study-life balance. I strongly recommend the PG Diploma in Clinical Dermatology at Queen Mary University London.

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